RX for Reducing Stress = Guided Relaxation!

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Rx for Reducing Stress = Guided Relaxation


Most of us girls have been raised to be wonderful nurturers…of everyone but ourselves.  We take care of everyone else in our life but when it comes to taking care of ourselves, we don’t know exactly what this is or how to go about “DO-ing it”!!

We know we “should” eat our veggies, cut out sugar, exercise, brush our teeth…and get enough sleep.  Lots of “shoulds” and “to do’s” for us.

But how about simply relaxing?  How about NOT doing!

Taking time to simply BE!  BE with ourselves.  BE with our bodies.   Relax.  Daydream.  Love on ourselves.  Yes!  LOVE on ourselves.

These are foreign concepts to most of us. Do you have any idea how to stop all your running around, sit comfortably, take a few deep belly breaths and check in with yourself?

What did your mind say to yourself when you read that???  My bet is it went right to some form of NO.

NO time to do this.  NO reason to do it.  This is NOT productive.  Blah blah blah…

Let me ask you a question…what has all of your doing done?  It’s just created longer “to do” lists, along with the guilt that comes when the list doesn’t get done and resentment and anger that you have so much more to DO.  Did you realize these emotions create pain and dis-ease in our bodies?

I know because I lived this way for so long. Constantly DOING. DOING, DOING!

When I started to get signals from my body it wanted me to stop all the doing and take time out to relax, I ignored all those signs and just kept pushing forward.  I prided myself in all I managed to get done in a day.  Pushing, pushing pushing through all those signals.

My body kept giving me bigger signals and I kept ignoring them.  Getting angry with them because they limited what all I wanted “to do”.  I suppressed them any way I could so I didn’t have to deal with them.

Guess what???  My body won!  It took me to a place where I could do nothing BUT pay attention to it.   I crashed!  It wasn’t pretty but I can see in hindsight it was necessary to get me to STOP.  That’s where my “real” healing began.

Deep healing is an on-going process.  For me…it’s why I’m here.  I am clear that part of my healing process is sharing what I’m learning with you so you get the benefits of my experience and can shorten your learning curve.

SO…that’s why I decided to start these conversations about how we can take time out of our busy days to take create self care rituals that will allow us to move into health.

Even if you aren’t currently experiencing any health issues, the tools and information I want to share will help you stay ahead of the dis-ease that affects so many of us.  I encourage you to embrace these ideas and tools now and you’ll be rewarded with continuing good health for years to come.

Where do you start???

The first thing I needed to do was to “go inside” and connect with my body.  That sounds kind of strange coming from a Fitness Trainer, doesn’t it?  You know how much I love to move my body.  To use mindful movement to release tension and pain, relax into the stretches and tone from that place.  But I didn’t always do this.

Before I crashed I was all about using exercise to look good.  To burn body fat and build muscle.  I learned how to use movement to create beautiful toned bodies.  But I realized I was working out from a place of punishment.  I was over exerting my body to do what it didn’t want to do so I could look good.  I was not coming from a  place of self love that’s for sure!

Spoiler Alert:  You can have the most beautiful body on the outside and still be stressed and unhappy on the inside.

Let’s do it differently this time.  Let’s create a beautiful body on the outside if that’s important to you AND also learn to truly love yourself on the inside.  This is the best kind of multi-tasking!!!

Years ago in my classes, after a hard workout, we would lie on the floor and I’d do this Guided Relaxation.  Some of my clients told me it was the most relaxed they had been in years.  When they left the class after a good workout followed by 10 minutes of complete relaxation, they looked completely different.  They were energized but relaxed and ready to take on their day.

This week, after a 30 minute class, I recorded this Guided Relaxation.   I have it here for you to enjoy too.  You might want to do it right after a workout or class.  Also fantastic to do before bed because it allows you to transition between “life” and sleep.

Click HERE to enjoy this Guided Relaxation.

Love to hear about your experience using this Guided Relaxation.  Please come back and share!

xoxoxo  Renee