#1 Secret to T-Tapp Success!

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#1 Secret to T-Tapp Success


Do you wonder why people get such great inch loss results with T-Tapp (and my classes) even when they’ve never been able to get much change with other workouts?

I believe the #1 secret to T-Tapp success is learning how to put your body into proper alignment.  What does “proper alignment” mean?  It means aligning your body in a way that will use every muscle in the body with every movement you do.

Muscles are the “metabolic engine” of your body.  The more muscle mass you have, the more energy (calories) you burn just to support that mass. When you aren’t in “proper alignment”, you aren’t using a lot of your muscles even just during your everyday movement.  T-Tapp teaches you how to align your body in a way that helps you use every muscle in your body all during the day.

You are always hearing us T-Tappers talk about getting our “ribs up”!  This is a part of this idea of alignment.  We are teaching you how to use those mid back core muscles all through the day.

In this video, I share with you additional ways to put your body into proper alignment.  Get up and do it with me.  FEEL the difference.  You will be blown away at how warm you get just standing in proper alignment.  That’s the inch busting power of proper alignment.

Get in front of a mirror and look at how you stand when you aren’t thinking about it.  Look at your alignment like I show you in the video.  Then put yourself into the alignment as I explain it.

Simple! Elegant!  Effective!!!!!

This is why I call alignment the #1 Secret to T-Tapp Success!

Let me know your experience with this little exercise!


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