How to Combine T-Tapp, Fasciablaster and Skin Brushing For Max Results!


Want Maximum Inch Loss Results???


Learn Best Way to Use T-Tapp, FasciaBlaster and Skin Brushing!

PLEASE NOTE:  Teresa Tapp does NOT use or recommend the use of the FasciaBlaster!

Are you doing your T-Tapp Workout consistently, drinking your water, eating well…and still just can’t seem to budge those “problem area” inches?  If so, there is a good chance you have bound fascia.  This “bound fascia” is not allowing all that good movement to actually move and work your muscles.

I like to think about fascia as being that membrane you see when you are cutting up a chicken.  You know that membrane that is between the skin and the meat?  That is fascia.  When your fascia is loose and has lots of hydration, the muscles can be worked optimally and you can re-shape your body (when you know how to use muscle activation like we do in T-Tapp and in my classes).

But when your fascia is dehydrated and bound up, you just can’t get into the muscles to do the job!

Why might you have bound fascia?  For tons of reasons…let’s just try living in our toxic society.  Or how about if you get injured or have surgery.  The body will make scar tissue to heal you internally.  That scar tissue can really bind up your fascia.

Regardless of the reasons…it can create havoc with your ability to re-shape and transform you body.

This is why I highly suggest trying the FasciaBlaster.  Why not?  It’s affordable, non-invasive, can’t hurt you and just might make all the difference in your results.

I am not a fasciablaster expert and I don’t get anything by recommending this product.  I’ve just been so impressed with the results my clients have had with it that I wanted to share this with you.  To learn more about the miracle that is your fascia and to and get your own blaster, click here.

Again…I need to add this disclaimer to this post…Teresa Tapp does NOT use or recommend the use of the FasciaBlaster.

Doesn’t skin brushing do the same thing?

No!  Skin brushing is wonderful and I highly recommend everyone adding this to your health routine.  This 3 -5 minute routine will help you tighten and tone your skin (not fascia) and is exceptional at pumping your lymphatic system.  That is part of the body’s daily detoxing system.  Skin Brushing and T-Tapp can go a long way at taking out your daily trash!!!

But it’s not the same things as using the FasciaBlaster.  In my opinion, the FB works at a much deeper level in the body.  Skin brushing is at a more superficial layer and T-Tapp works the whole body.

You just can’t get more synergistic than that!

Is there something you could take internally to assist with this process?

Of course, drinking lots of clean water each day is critical.  I know…you already drink lots of water.  Or you are like me who just talks a big game about drinking water but secretly…doesn’t.  Here’s a way I’ve been finding that is helping me get more water in each day.  I find sparkling mineral water that I like (NOT carbonated water but water that is naturally fizzy).  I then add a little bit of flavored stevia to it.  Currently root beer is floating my boat.

I know it’s not just pure water but I’m not perfect and this has been a helpful way for me to get more hydrated.  I’m use San Pelligino now because it has the highest sulfer content of all the mineral waters and I enjoy it’s clean crisp taste.

NEXT…You might also try adding an enzyme called Serrapeptase each day.  This enzyme helps to break up the scar tissue in your body among other wonder things like reduces inflammation… I have  many clients who have had wonderful results in pain reduction, scar reduction…using this product.

I hoped this review helped clarify for you the potential benefits of using all three of these tools to get the best possible inch loss (and health benefits) possible!

If you’d prefer to listen to this review, here it is on soundcloud:

Love to hear your experience with combining all these tools into your health journey!  Please share this review and come back and leave your comments!!!


xoxo Renee

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  1. Lisa M
    June 21, 2017

    I’ve been using the FascisBlaster for about a year and the FaceBlaster about two months. They’ve been amazing. I have chronic Achilles tendinitis and blasting has removed all my pain. I’m also gaining flexibility in my upper body which I’ve struggled with my whole life. It never seemed to matter how much I stretched, I made minimal gains in flexibility until I started addressing my fascia problems.

    Within one week of using the FaceBlaster my husband said I looked ten years younger. I only do my jaw line for a few minutes in the shower.

    Alfalfa helps keep your fascia healthy, too.

    I feel that I get a lot more out of T-Tapp now that I can move my joints more.

    1. reneemcl
      June 21, 2017

      Thanks so much for sharing your experience with the blaster. I’m so happy that you have found so much relief with it. Okay…you convinced me it’s time for the FaceBlaster. 🙂

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