Top 2 Secrets to 60 Day (Or Every Day) Challenge Success!


2 Top Secrets to YOUR best T-Tapp Challenge Results!


At the time of this post, we are going into the 7th week of our T-Tapp 60 Day Challenge.   I find this is the toughest time of the Challenge.

The excitement of beginning the Challenge has worn off.

You actually took those aweful “before” pictures and “before” measurements.  You even braved the normally frustrating “upload of info” process.  You were filled with hope and dreams of winning this year…Or at least finishing with a bang.

You might have started off strong but then found that something in “life” got in the way and you weren’t as consistent as you had been.

It’s right about now that results from other people are starting to get posted in social media.

It’s so human to compare ourselves with everyone else.  And each post we read gives us a shift in our energy.

One person is getting amazing results and is just melting away.  We find ourselves getting discouraged and frustrated.  “How are they getting these great results and I’m not?”

The next person is complaining.  They are working out like a banshee and getting no results.  We then feel vindicated.  “See…it’s not just me. ”

And on and on it goes!

I call this “crazy making” and it’s the part of the Challenge I hate.  I hate when we allow ourselves to use it to beat ourselves up.  To feel “less than” in some way.  We are sure we are doing something “wrong”!

Or we just throw up our hands and claim that T-Tapp doesn’t work.

When someone claims tons of inches lost, the thread grows long with everyone wanting to know what workouts they did and what their schedule was.  As though there is a secret workout and schedule that will finally allow us to shed the inches and that person has the secret.

 Here’s the tough love secret!  There is no secret workout and schedule that is going to work for all of us.  There just isn’t! I swear.  I’m not holding back on you.

Here are the two main keys to success…consistency and continuing to improve your form.

Consistency doesn’t mean working out 2 x a day every day.  It simply means putting together a schedule each week for yourself that is “do-able” for YOU.

If that means doing a workout every other day…that’s consistency for YOU.

If you know you need more daily movement, you might do a workout 6 days a week. But look to take at least one day a week off.  That will be consistency for YOU.

The second key to success is slowing the workout down and focusing on improving your form.  Activation is queen!!!

This is why I teach all the classes I do.  To give you the experience of feeling what it actually means to “activate” your muscles in a way that will help you finally get the inch loss results you are looking for.

This is also why I decided to gift you my 7 form tip videos and 10 minute sample class.  So you would start to understand what having “good form” really means.

You then get to the next level in your brain/body connection and your form goes to a new level of activation.  All of a sudden you realize your pants are getting looser.  This is how it happens.

If you aren’t getting the results you were hoping for so far in this Challenge, consider taking my 14 Day “End the Challenge with a Bang” Bootie Camp.

Use the last two weeks of the Challenge to learn how to really “do” T-Tapp.  It’s time for you to become one of those inch loss winners.

Even if you don’t “officially” win the Challenge in your category, you will still be a huge winner.  You will have learned the 2 top secrets all Challenge winners know.

That winning is really just about being consistent with your workouts and constantly working on improving your form so you can go to the next level in your workouts and watch your results continue to improve.

Here’s the biggest truth of all…The only way T-Tapp won’t work for you is if you stop doing it!  End of story!

Don’t delay…click HERE and get into the Bootie Camp now.  You don’t want to do the same thing you’ve done in the past which is to resent all those other women who are getting results and continue to just beat yourself up.  STOP the insanity.  Come T-Tapp with me!!!!


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