Can You Fall in Love With a Vegetable???


I Have Fallen in Love With A …Squash!


I have a confession to make!  I am a complete Veggie Head!  I adore vegetables and fruit sets my heart to singing!

I know many people find fruits and veggies boring.  But go to any farmers market and you realize the HUGE variety there really is.  Most of us just aren’t adventurous enough to explore many of these options.  Or we will try something once and don’t care for the way it’s prepared.  So we make a decision we don’t like that veggie and never try it again.

But just like with any food, it’s all in the preparation.  Haw much would you like chicken if all you did was put it in a pot, add water and cook until it was done?  Not so much, right?  But season it just right and roast it until the skin is crispy and the juices are flowing and… it’s delicious!

When I was a kid, I HATED squash.  My mother would bake  acorn squash and I just turned up my nose.  I didn’t like it!  That got programmed into my pea brain and it stopped me from exploring squash in all it’s fabulous varieties.

Then I married a man who adored mashed butternut squash.  He had to have it at all our big family meals.  I learned to make it and guess what??? I loved it.

Butternut squash a little hard to work with because it’s so hard, but I learned to bake it until it is a little soft and then cut it up.  Continue baking until soft, seed it and mash!  Now you can even buy it already cut for us “limited time to cook” chicas.

So there I was this week at our huge farmers market.  Better known in my family as “my happy place”.  When lo and behold…I spot Delicata Squash.  Hhhmmm.  This is a squash I’ve never tried.

What do I do???

I pull out my trusty phone and google it.  It appears I have stumbled into a great new veggie find.  Super simple to make (cut and roast!  I can do this), light sweet flavor, tons of nutrients.

I put two in the cart and trot home to try my new squash.  All I did was wash the skin, cut it, put on baking pan, roast at 400.  I decided to first sprinkle with cinnamon and “apple pie spice” because I thought that would blend nicely with a light sweet squash.  Here is a picture of my newest favorite veggie.


OMG!!!  It is flippin delicious!!!  You can eat it skin and all.  Hubbie loved it too.  Double cha ching!!!!

Now I can’t wait to go back to the market for more of this tasty treat.  Of course I had to do a little search for more ways to prepare it.  I had thought it would be fabulous with baked apple slices and/or roasted onions.  Nuts like walnuts and possibly pistachios would work great too.

Here are a few pictures of some other possibilities:


This is with roasted beets, pecans, almonds,avocado, mandarin oranges



Or kale, pecans and apples



Or squash, pomegranate salad !  Delicata squash is shown with lots of pomegranate seeds!

Boring????  NOT!!

I am not known to post recipes or food on my blog.  There are people who do such an amazing job at that.  But I felt compelled to share my latest veggie find with you.

Love to hear if you’ve experienced this delicious squash and if so…how did you prepare it?  Please comment here or post on my Facebook page.  Let’s share our veggie loves.



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