Brush Away Your Batwing Arms and Side Saddles!


Brush Away Your Batwing Arms and Side Saddles!


When I first started teaching T-Tapp, I never shared information about our amazing “CRT System”.  CRT stands for Cellulite Removing Technique.

I didn’t share it because I didn’t want my clients thinking I was just trying to “sell” them more stuff.  I didn’t have enough knowledge, experience and inspiration at the time to realize I was actually doing them a huge disservice.

And realize it I did!!!

The CRT system is our skin brushing technique.  Yes…it can help with reducing cellulite.  But it does so much more. crt_20system_large

It is a skin brushing technique that uses a unique body brush (the bristles are a natural fiber and they are NOT soft.  It is a tough bristle so you have to use a very gentle hand!)  in a special sequence designed by Teresa Tapp.

The sequence is designed to stimulate the lymphatic system (part of our body’s trash removal.  And we have a ton of daily trash!!!)  and break up the fat globules underneath our skin.  It works WITH the body to help it eliminate the toxins stored in all those fat cells.

You might have heard T-Tapp called “the elimination workout”.  This is because when people start doing it, they find themselves running to the bathroom a whole lot more.

You should see us when we are all at the fitness retreat!  The lady’s room gets quite a workout too!

T-Tapp is already very lymphatic!  This is why we are all running to the bathroom during and after a good workout.  Now you add the additional lymphatic support with the skin brushing and you KNOW you’ve got stuff moving.

Skin brushing has one more HUGE added benefit…

It is stimulating your skin and this is why you’ll also see your skin tighten up as you are losing fat and cellulite!

It seems so simple but you know what??? Simple WORKS!

The whole system includes two important nutritional supplements to make it really effective at tightening your skin.

The first supplement is our Premium Blend Alfalfa.  This is not just any old health food store alfalfa.  This is SPECIAL alfalfa.  Teresa is the only private citizen that is able to get this alfalfa that is grown in a pristine area of the country. It is pesticide free and still Non-GMO!

One of the biggest reasons our skin starts to wrinkle is we become mineral deficient.  Skin needs minerals to maintain its integrity.  As we get a little older, our bodies become less efficient at absorbing and utilizing the diminishing minerals available in our food.  Not a good situation!

Here’s the great news…this alfalfa is very high in minerals because the crop is sprayed with ionic minerals during its growth!

The minerals in this alfalfa are also very bio-available.  This means they are in a form the body can actually extract and use for healing!  This is why the Premium Blend Alfalfa is one of the most popular T-Tapp products and it has been for over 20 years!!!!

I can really wax poetic about this Alfalfa but instead I will also just let you know a few more things about it…

  • It is a great source of plant protein.  The percentage of protein in our Alfalfa is 25% to 27% (most good quality protein is around 21-22%).
  • Alkalizes the body.  Helps to offset our toxic acidity.
  • Assists the body release excess fluid so it’s great for helping with water retention.
  • Is a powerful anti-inflammatory.  Use it when ever you have over-done your workouts or activity.  It will significantly reduce your inflammatory pain and stiffness.  At the T-Tapp Retreats, we pass around the alfalfa bottle like it was some kind of a controlled substance!  I take around 12 alfalfa over the course of each retreat day and it completely takes away all my stiffness. AMAZING!
  • Help balance hormones.  Alfalfa stimulates the Pituitary Gland, which in turn regulates hormone balance including the internal release of Human Growth Hormone.

Can you see why the combination of the skin brushing with the Premium Blend Alfalfa is so effective at tightening up your skin?

But wait!  There’s more to the system!

Teresa then added a nutritional that helps with…the other elimination.  Can we talk poop for just a half sec? girl-on-potty

When you are pumping the junk, you have to make sure ALL your “organs of elimination” are working well.  That’s why FiberTox was added.

FiberTox has a combination of herbs and fiber that will allow you to gently help the body eliminate through the intestinal track.

So…between these three things (brush, Alfalfa and Fibertox), you are eliminating the trash through all your elimination systems!  AND…you are stimulating your skin while feeding it.

What else is included in this system? 

You get a brochure and DVD with the special brushing sequence and a few additional moves Teresa created that were designed to work deeply in our lymphatic system to get rid of those stubborn fatty dimples.  You can also usually snag some bonus DVD’s too depending on the monthly special!

Now you have the whole system!!!!  Simple right?  Seems too simple to be effective, right?

That’s what I thought.

Until I met Denise…

Denise and I connected right away because we are both 4’11” tall.  And because she had a bubbly personality and was passionate about the incredible results she had gotten with T-Tapp.  You have to read her story…talk about inspirational!!! denisebdenisesidewayspants

In 9 months, Denise went from a size 24 to a 12.  While that is amazing enough, here’s what absolutely blew me away.  At age 48 when she did this, she had NO LOOSE SKIN!!!

None!  She lost half of her body weight and you would never have know it.  Why?  Because she skin brushed right from the beginning!  She also took the Alfalfa and FiberTox every day.

After I saw that, I realized I had been short changing my clients.  They needed to know about the CRT System right from the beginning of their T-Tapp journey.

They could choose to not use this valuable tool, but that would be on them.  I wouldn’t have to feel like I held something back that could be a big part of their transformation.

So now you know too!

Is the CRT System critical for getting great results with your T-Tapp?  NO!

Could it be a very powerful tool in your healing tool chest?  ABSOLUTELY.

And here’s another great thing…its even super AFFORDABLE.

Imagine…affordable, effective AND simple!  You can do this!



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